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  1. Christopher Peel

    I’m so glad we found y’all. We recently switched our dogs to raw diet and y’all are so kind and helpful. Thanks

  2. Stacey

    What is a serving size? For example my dog is a medium golden doodle how much would he eat per day?

    1. Hello Stacey! Please give me a call when you get the chance! I can help you figure out based on your dogs weight what would be the correct portion size!

      Thank you so much,
      Kambrey Moneyhon

  3. Clay

    I highly recommend Jake and Blues! Ivy, my one year old weimaraner, absolutely loves Jake and Blues raw dog food. She gets so excited, and happy when she sees me coming with the pucks. Everyone always compliments her coat, and I give all the credit to Jake and Blue. Also, I truly appreciate how friendly Robert and Kambrey.

  4. Erika O'Neill

    What is the percentage of each ingredient included in a puck?

  5. Nancy Williamson

    Thank you for helping me at the market today.
    I have six canines that are very demanding for high quality food at dinner time. The house menus has NY strip steaks, lamb loin chops, beef bell peppers, broccoli etc. .. I’ve been hoping to find a good alternative to people food.
    Thank you.
    I’ll be placing an order on Monday.

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