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  1. I’m so glad we found y’all. We recently switched our dogs to raw diet and y’all are so kind and helpful. Thanks

  2. What is a serving size? For example my dog is a medium golden doodle how much would he eat per day?

    1. Hello Stacey! Please give me a call when you get the chance! I can help you figure out based on your dogs weight what would be the correct portion size!

      Thank you so much,
      Kambrey Moneyhon

  3. I highly recommend Jake and Blues! Ivy, my one year old weimaraner, absolutely loves Jake and Blues raw dog food. She gets so excited, and happy when she sees me coming with the pucks. Everyone always compliments her coat, and I give all the credit to Jake and Blue. Also, I truly appreciate how friendly Robert and Kambrey.

  4. What is the percentage of each ingredient included in a puck?

    1. I would like to know the breakdown of each ingredient? % of bone, % of organ meat etc.

  5. Thank you for helping me at the market today.
    I have six canines that are very demanding for high quality food at dinner time. The house menus has NY strip steaks, lamb loin chops, beef bell peppers, broccoli etc. .. I’ve been hoping to find a good alternative to people food.
    Thank you.
    I’ll be placing an order on Monday.

  6. Our 11 yo German shepherd had ongoing skin issues and yeast problems. We switched to Jake and Blue and he’s done a complete 180 (saw this very quickly after switching)! No more itchy skin and so much more energy. So thankful to have found this great, local company!

  7. Hey there my blue nose/sharpei mix has had bad skin issues her whole life I’ve been trying everything
    She’s about 55 pounds
    Do you think this could help her coat problems

  8. please include a bag of bone meal

  9. Hi there! Can you please tell me the % breakdown of each ingredient? And, the calorie or kcal amount by puck or by pound? Thank you!!

  10. The products and service are superb. We used to get all our items from Barton Creek Farmers Market when we lived in Austin. Ray was always great to see and he was super helpful. We moved in 2020 to Converse, Tx. and I can’t tell you how Happy we were to find out you deliver in our area now. You ALL are amazing! From getting reminders, delivery and Mischa loves her pucks, meatballs, bone marrow, chicken necks and tendons. 5+ Stars for sure to Jake & Blues. We’ll soon be building are forever home in Floresville, Tx. which is 20-25 minutes from Converse. We were wondering if you deliver here? If not, no worries. When we were in Houston temporarily while my husband was getting medical care you delivered to my in-laws in Schertz. We surely would even visit BC Farmers Market to get the goods. Anyhow, you guys are awesome and we can’t thank you enough! Many Blessings your way, Adam, Michelle and Mischa (biggest fan).

  11. we love the meat balls. easy and healthy food for my aussie. just wondering can’t find an ingredient list.
    is this just the meat or do you include the bone and organs too?

  12. Looking to change my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks to raw snd you were recc. No clue where or how to start

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